Class LogicModuleFactory

  • public class LogicModuleFactory
    extends Object
    Factory for the LogicModule instance.

    When instantiating the LogicModule, the specific DBHandler is also instantiated (following the type in the configuration).

    • Constructor Detail

      • LogicModuleFactory

        public LogicModuleFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • initLogicModule

        public static LogicModule<?> initLogicModule​(String name,
                                                     String hostName,
                                                     int port,
                                                     boolean inMemory,
                                                     String theexposedIPForClient)
                                              throws InterruptedException
        Return the new LogicModule instance.
        name - Name for the LogicModule
        hostName - Hostname for the LogicModule
        port - Port the LogicModule will be listening to
        inMemory - inMemory flag (?)
        theexposedIPForClient - IPs to be send to clients when information of a registered EE/SL is required
        The new LogicModule instance
        InterruptedException - When the actual LogicModule subtype instantiation fails