Class PythonImplementation

    • Constructor Detail

      • PythonImplementation

        public PythonImplementation()
        Creates an empty PythonImplementation
      • PythonImplementation

        public PythonImplementation​(int newposition,
                                    List<AccessedProperty> newaccessedProperties,
                                    List<AccessedImplementation> newaccessedImplementations,
                                    List<Type> newincludes,
                                    PrefetchingInformation newPrefetchingInfo,
                                    Map<Feature.FeatureType,​QuantitativeFeature> newReqQuantitativeFeatures,
                                    Map<Feature.FeatureType,​QualitativeFeature> newReqQualitativeFeatures,
                                    String newnamespace,
                                    String newclassName,
                                    String newopSignature,
                                    String newcode)
        PythonImplementation Specification constructor with provided specifications
        newposition - Position of the implementation
        newaccessedProperties - PropertyID of the properties accessed by the Implementation
        newaccessedImplementations - IDs of the implementations accessed by the Implementation
        newincludes - Includes of the implementation
        newPrefetchingInfo - An object of PrefetchingInformation
        newReqQuantitativeFeatures - Quantitative features required to execute the code
        newReqQualitativeFeatures - Qualitative features required to execute the code
        newnamespace - Namespace of the class containing the implementation
        newclassName - Class name of the class containing the implementation
        newopSignature - Signature of the operation
        newcode - Code
    • Method Detail

      • getCode

        public String getCode()
        Get the PythonImplementation::code
        the code
      • setCode

        public void setCode​(String newcode)
        Set the PythonImplementation::code
        newcode - the code to set